Online chess computer

Here you can play against the chessmail online chess computer. The program runs with a Stockfish engine, one of the currently strongest chess computer engines.

Levels and Score

Level 1 is relatively easy and allows beginners to win a game. Level 2 is for somewhat experienced players and from level 3 the chess computer becomes a serious opponent, also for club players. The displayed score is always the score from the point of view of the white figures. A value above 0 means a good position.

Open source chess-console

The chessboard, the notation display and the buttons with which you operate this chess computer belong to a program called chess-console. chess-console is an open source project that you can also install on your website under consideration of the license terms.

More Engines in the correspondence chess area of chessmail

If you have a chessmail login, you can also play against the on a GNU Chess Engine based opponents Daffy, Bugs and Gonzales.