The chessmail Terms and Conditions of Use

1. General information on chessmail

chessmail is an Internet service that allows people to play chess online. chessmail is not a public system, but rather a club that can be visited by guests.

2. Availability of the system

The owner accepts no responsibility for guaranteeing the availability of the system, including the associated services such as chess games, emails and the forum.

3. Conduct and exclusion of users

The user agrees to avoid subjecting other users or any other persons to any form of insult, harassment, threat or damage via chessmail.

We reserve the right to perform the following actions without specifying grounds for doing so:

  • Deleting entries from the forum
  • Terminating and deleting games
  • Excluding accounts from using the chessmail forums
  • Excluding persons from using chessmail

Any account for the chessmail forum or chessmail can be blocked and deleted if the user of said account carries out personal attacks on the forums or violates the chessmail terms and conditions of use in any way.

"Trolling", i.e. posting entries that do not contribute to the topic at hand and are designed primarily to goad other users into reacting, can result in exclusion from the chessmail forum or chessmail (see also: Wikipedia, Troll (Internet))

Users are only permitted to post content such as forum entries on chessmail in English or German. Content posted in other languages may be deleted by the owner.

4. Clubs

Groups of users may form "clubs" on chessmail. Each club has its own internal forum, which can only be posted on by the members of the club in question.

The chessmail owner reserves the right to close clubs without providing grounds for doing so.


The chessmail Terms of Use. www.chessmail.eu, Mai 2018.

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